To everyone.  Because of a family health crisis all classes by Carry 4 Defense  are cancelled until further notice

Sorry for any inconvenience.  Please check in occasionally for any updates

Thank You -- Craig Roe


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Completion of a course does not automatically guarantee receiving a permit from any state.

   Class 1 info---ND has two classes of license, Class 1 and Class 2.  The Class 1 license has the most reciprocity which means we are able to carry a firearm in other states under the ND Permit.  As of now ND Class 1 is the best permit in the U.S. for reciprocity.  You will be able to carry in 40 states which includes ND under our Class 1 permit.  Minnesota is included in the Class 1 permit so you will be able to carry in Minnesota.  Carrying in other states are subject to that states laws so you must familiarize yourself with those laws.  Under the Class 2 permit you get less states to carry in, 25 in all, but Minnesota is NOT one of them.  Class 1 requirements are more stingent than Class 2 requirements.  For Class 1 requirements you must attend the lecture portion, take a written test and pass the shooting proficiency test.  Also on the criminal background portion of the application cannot have any alcohol charges for the past 3 years or drug charge within the last ten years.  If you do you will not qualify for Class 1 but in most cases you will qualify for Class 2 dependent on other criminal background history.

You will need the following for class--ND ID and or any permanent resident paperwork for immigrant statuses.  A firearm, holster (preferably strong side hip holster)  approx. 100 rounds (three chances to take the test) a belt and hearing and eye protection.  All other materials are provided in class including the application, fingerprints and photos and we also have the required cashiers check needed for the State fee.


    NEXT SCHEDULED COURSE  --to be determined at a later time

Keep referring to website for exact dates.  Will be one in the spring and one in the fall.

This will be an advanced defensive shooting course.  It is not for beginners!   The following equipment is necessary for this class.  Handguns--centerfire only. Revolvers or semi-auto from calibers .380 thru 45 ACP.  Must have either a strong side hip holster or IWB holster, belt, at least two mag holders and minimum of three magazines--no exceptions. We recommend at least 400-500 rounds of ammo.  Ear and eye protection is mandatory.  You will also need at light jacket or garment for concealment practice.

We will be limiting this course to ten shooters, but will need a minimum of 4 to hold this class.  See website for more classes to be scheduled at a later date.  You must pre-register on our website and must pre-pay this course.   Send payment to Craig Roe  16245 55 St. S.E.  Kindred, ND 58051  No refunds will be given except for emergencies or if class is cancelled.  If more than 10 people sign up for this class you will be put in as an alternate or put into the next class.  You will be sent a confirmation e-mail.  Cost of this first class is at an introductory  price of $125.00 per person for the first ten people.  Future class pricing will be as the amount of interest dictates.  A lite lunch and drinks will be served that day.  If you have any questions please call Craig at 701-212-7806 or Dennis at 701-793-1964.

You will be instructed in the following shooting drills.

*Morning Warm-up     *Dry Fire Drills     *Draw from Holster     *Draw from Concealment     *Double Taps     *Flash Sight Shooting     *Point Shooting     *Low Light Shooting     *Mag Changes     *Moving forward while shooting     *Moving backward while shooting     *From Cover while Standing, Kneeling, and Prone positions     *Color and Number recognition shooting     *Moving thru cover-forward and backward(barrel shoot)     *Tueller Drill     *Sgt. York Drill    *At the end of the day we will take most of these drills and shoot the SWAT COURSE.   If time permits we will have a fun shoot exercise at the end of the day.

Our goal in this course will be to teach different defensive drills needed for real-life situations, safety and FUN!!






*  ND Concealed Permit

*  Basic Handgun Class

*  Minn. Permit

*  Advanced Defensive Class

*  NRA Pistol

*  NRA Rifle

*  NRA Shotgun

*  NRA Pers. Prot. inside the Home

*  NRA Pers. Prot. outside the Home

*  NRA Home Firearm Safety

*  NRA Metallic Cartridge Reloading

*  NRA Shotshell Reloading


*  ND Hunter Education Instructor

*  FFL  Dealer/Transfers  $20.00/firearm




Meeting with our Representative in Bismarck on the new gun bills 2017.




SFN59653-Accommodation Questionnaire.pdf SFN59653-Accommodation Questionnaire.pdf
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Type : pdf




Testifying on behalf of the 2017 gun bills.





  • Class Fee $50.00
  • Prints & Photos  $30.00
  • Fee to the State of ND (Cashiers check required and I will have these checks available at class for you-$60.00)
  • Must be at least 21 yrs old for Class 1 and 18 yrs old for Class 2
  • TOTAL COST ND CLASS 1 & 2  $140.00 plus $20.00 range fee.  RRRMC members range  fee will be waived.
  • Prints and photos will start one hour before class begins.  Please come within this hour to get as many done before class begins, if possible.
  • Class 1 students must bring your personal firearm, holster, belt, ammo & two magazines for semi-autos.  Recommend at least 100  rounds for practice and the test. Any legal firearm may be used, .22 cal. or larger.  We would recommend a .22 semi-auto if you have not shot a handgun much, or are not an experienced shooter.
  • If you have had an alcohol charge in the past 3 years or drug violation within the past 10 years, you are not eligible for a Class 1 permit but in most cases you can still qualify for a Class 2 permit depending on background history.
  • If you fail any part of the Class 1 testing requirements, you may apply for a Class 2 permit or you must take the Class 1 course over in it's entirety but you must wait 30 days.  Prints and photos will still be valid if you take the Class 1 course over within  six months.
  • Please see link below to fill out the RRRMC Electronic Shooting Waiver form online to the Red River Regional  Marksmanship Center before coming to class if possible 


  • For all beginners and those who want to learn about shooting.
  • Class Fee--$75.00 plus $15.00 range fee limited to 10 students per class
  • Course includes the following and more.
  • Handgun safety.
  • Handgun Familiarity.
  • Ammunition Basics
  • Fundamentals of shooting.
  • Holster choices
  • In classroom gun handling and loading procedures.
  • Gun Cleaning 
  • Live fire shooting with the instructor on the range.


  • Class/Range Fee $135.00
  • App. and Minn. Fee to be done with County Sheriff Office (Minn. Fee is usually $100.00)
  • TOTAL COST MINN. $235.00
  • You will need to bring a firearm, holster, belt and at least 25 rounds of ammo to this class. Ear and eye protection is available at the range.


  • NRA Basic Pistol  $75.00
  • NRA Rifle or Shotgun  $100.00
  • NRA Pers. Prot. in Home  $100.00
  • NRA Pers. Prot. outside the Home $200.00 (two-day class)
  • NRA Home Firearm Safety  $75.00
  • NRA Metallic Cartridge or Shotshell Reloading $100.00 
  • Personal one-on-one instruction per one hour session--$30.00/hr. 
  • FFL Transfers  $20.00/gun
  • Ladies only classes available
  • Gun Cleaning Service available for $30.00 per gun
  • NRA Memberships Available
  • C4D Basic Handgun Class 
  • C4D Advanced DefensiveShooting Class-see info above.

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